ICT 2024, the competition for great coffee

International Coffee Tasting 2024 is coming soon: the 16th edition of the competition organized by IIAC – International Institute of Coffee Tasters is returning, rewarding the world’s best coffees.

The competition will be held in two sessions from the 1st of March 2024 to the 31 of December 2024. Over the past years, this event has seen almost 4,000 different products going head-to-head.

Organized with the support of the CSA Italian Tasters and of consulting company Good Senses, the high quality of this competition is based on the technical evaluations provided by the judges from the IIAC – International Institute of Coffee Tasters: a network that now counts almost 12,000 professionals in more than 40 countries around the world.

The judges work completely blindfolded in accordance with the most stringent sensory analysis standards. All the data that they provide is statistically validated. Only products that pass the requirements established by the rules may receive a medal.

The evaluation method of the competing products is public and transparent, click here for details.

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